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Our Department of Urology offers 32 beds. We perform 1500 surgeries annually. Furthermore we treat 1600 inpatient and 4600 outpatient. Recent techniques belong to our facilities. All urological diseases can be treated by surgery or conservative, except renal transplantation. We prefer an endoscopic approach using state-of-the-art devices. We focus on robotic assisted surgery such as nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy or nephron sparing surgery for renal tumors. Also minimally invasive reconstructive plastic surgery such as treating ureteropelvic junction obstruction or female prolapsed bladder can be performed with our robotic surgery system (daVinci®). Urinary stones can be treated apart from our ultrathin rigid and flexible video-guided instruments with our special holmium-laserfibre. Bladder tumors can be detected with photodynamic assisted techniques quite better and also more effective. For the treatment of benign prostate enlargement (BPE) we offer a high-frequency resectoscope (TURiS, bipolar) for enucleation and vaporisation. With these techniques we are also able to treat patients under permanent blood thinnig therapy. To analyse all types of urinary incontinence among others there is a urodynamic measuring unit available.  

Our team exemplifies multidisciplinary cooperation. Difficult oncological diseases for example are discussed in our regularly held conference with all the other faculties of this hospital. Furthermore we offer a consultation-hour for prostate cancer patients in cooperation with the Department for Radiotherapy.

Frequently we take part in intensive meetings with our practitioner colleagues. Further education and discussion on individual medical cases are key aspects of these meetings.
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